WORKSHOP: basic websites

This is a workshop here in Puerto Vallarta for people who want to learn how to create a website for business or for pleasure. The presentation is Basic and Intensive. Each workshop is 1 hour long and enrollment is limited to provide individualized attention. The fee is $100 pesos per person. Pre-registration is necessary.

Anyone completing this workshop should be able and confident enough to start setting up a website. Any web site can be set up anywhere at any time. You can set up one here in Puerto Vallarta that is active in Canada or the US or you could set up one in Canada for your business here in Vallarta. On the internet, country borders do not exist.

  1. Website Names
    • The Art of Finding and Selecting a domain name
    • The differences between “.com” “.net” “.org” etc.
    • Where and How to buy a domain name
  2. Creating Websites
    • Selecting a Website Host
    • How to set up a professional website economically
    • How to set up a FREE website (for blogs or very small businesses)
  3. Website Design
    • Types of Websites
    • Skills needed to Design a Website
    • Getting your website noticed (on Google, etc)
  4. How to Receive Money on the Internet
    • PayPal
    • Google Checkout
    • Credit Card Merchant Accounts


This is a very basic class and the prerequisites are simple: You must have a general knowledge of how to operate a computer and how to use email and how to surf the Internet. You should have an idea of the type of web site you want to set up (business, blog, catalog, etc) and what you would like to name it (we’ll help you register a name if you’re at that point).


This workshop is taught by me, Rick Hepting. I have been creating commercial websites since 1997. I am currently the creator and webmaster for …

…and I have experience in designing, using and maintaining Shopping Cart software, eCommerce, Blogs, Bulletin Boards, (X)HTML, mysql databases and PHP. If you don’t know what some of this stuff is, that’s OK; knowing what this stuff is is what you’d be paying me for.

Prior to moving to Puerto Vallarta I owned and operated a traditional printing, graphic design, advertising and typesetting business (Berkeley Type) in Berkeley California for 10 years and have published numerous magazines and a weekly newspaper. I built and used my first computer in the early 1980s for my and my employees’ use in these graphic design and publishing endeavors. I approach Web Site Design from a Graphic Arts point of view rather than from a Computer / Technical point of view.

Advanced and specialized workshops are also offered as are individual consultations.