Website Hosting

There are many options today for choosing a host for your website. Below is one we use. Personally, I don’t think that it makes much difference which hosting service is chosen as they all basically offer the same features and all offer the same guarantees of up time.

Here at, we use IXWebhosting and have been using them for approximately 10 years. We choose this hosting service over many others because it is very low in price, offers reasonable service and it is the only inexpensive hosting service that offers a dedicated IP address for you website. Other hosting companies have many different websites share a single IP address. (An IP address is similar to a telephone number. Sharing an IP address is similar to sharing a phone number with someone.) We also use and Hostgator seems to have a little bit better uptime record. Bluehost is very similar to IX except for the extra charge for a dedicated IP address.

If you click on the following ad and then sign up for one or more of the services from the link, we get a small commission for your purchase. This commission does not affect your price. Gracias.

Although we recommend IX for some websites, we can, of course, also set up your website with different or more expensive hosting companies. The range in pricing and features is complicated and we can help guide your choice with experience and objectivity.