Xlibre offers fine photography services.

We can photograph your restaurant, your hotel, your condo, or anything you need visual presentations of. We can create permanent albums and memories of weddings, family gatherings, special occasions.

We can cover conventions, shows and performances.

We specialize in commercial real estate photography with extensive experience in condo rental presentation.

Email for a free estimate of your particular idea or job. Our rates are very reasonable and our quality is superior. Photo shoots are $50 US per hour plus travel. A typical small hotel or restaurant or individual condo photo shoot is 50 – $100 (U$). For larger hotels, businesses and for rental agencies, the pricing is by quote. For an example of our hotel work, please view the Casa Isabel website:

Casa Isabel

Post shoot editing is included in the pricing. All customers receive a CD or DVD with their full-sized photos plus a set of any resized version (such as for website use).