Domain Registration

The first step in establishing an internet identity is picking out a domain name for your website. Although this is a simple and economical step, with most domain name registrations costing around $10 (US). International domain names such as …. (“.mx” for Mexico) cost about $50 (US), it is often one of the most difficult steps in setting up a website because it will be the “official” name of your business or image.

A domain name consists of a “name” and an “extension.”
The “extension” is usually .com, .net, .org, .info, .mx and it identifies the type of website.

Theoretically “.com” usually signifies that the website is commercial; “.net” that it is part of a network; “.org” that it is some type of non-profit organization. “.info” can mean anything and any other extensions (there are many available) are quite worthless and unnecessary.

In practical *real* life, anyone can register any unused web site name with any extension. These extensions mean little today with the exception that “.com.” is the most commonly sought after and used.

We recommend for Domain Name Registrations. They are among the least expensive and they offer you full control over your domain name. They also offer automatic yearly renewals.

To register a domain name with any registrar, a credit card (or debit card) account is necessary for billing. A permanent address and contact information must also be provided.

If you are a customer of ours and you don’t have a credit card, we can place the order for you.