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Our primary business is designing, constructing and maintaining websites. We specialize in WordPress installations and modification. WordPress is a Content Management System used by over 14 million websites around the world.


  • Create a New Website: Prices start at $200 US for a basic website design and installation. Prices for more complex websites are available by quote.
  • Maintenance of a Website that we have built: 50 – $250 a year (approximately 5 – $20 a month). Maintenance and updating is free for the first year for any website we construct.
  • Create a Bilingual Website: (for websites that we have constructed) You must supply the translations or we can hire a professional translator for the text — $100 minimum (Not including any translation costs). The software we use to internationalize a website is very professional and effective.
  • Create an E-Commerce Shopping Cart: On a website that we have built: $100 and up depending on the complexity of the catalog.
  • Modify an existing website — $20 per hour
  • Consultation/Training — $20 per hour
  • Scheduled Classes — $10 a person


We give you much more than a simple website when you hire us for your installation.

Many of our website designs are based on the WordPress Content Management Platform with the Genesis Framework. This framework is designed for maximum SEO and client and visitor ease of use. Normally, any of the Genesis designs would cost $80 US by themselves. We charge nothing extra to our customers to use any of these designs. To see samples of these Genesis designs HERE. Of course, we can use any of the hundreds of Free WordPress Themes or design one specifically for your business or application.

Our $200 USD one-time charge INCLUDES:

  • An individualized design for your specific needs.
  • Up to 8 pages of written or photographic content (if you provide us with this content). More pages (unlimited in number) may incur extra costs.
  • One year of normal website maintenance ( see below )
  • The set up a Gmail email account in your name specifically for your website and its administration.
  • Unlimited Website Size and Traffic with a 99.9% up time guarantee.
  • Dedicated IP address for your website
    (Available at no extra cost only with IX Webhosting). Other hosting companies charge about $30 a year for this.
  • Access to statistics showing how many people are, and who is, looking at your website.
  • Unlimited number of personal or business email accounts.
  • Set up the website for basic Search Engine Optimization.
  • If certain designs are selected, we can optimize the website for viewing by mobile devices.
  • Register your website on the major search engines and create sitemaps required for their easy access by these search engines.
  • Total Website Ownership and Registrations are in your name and you are given complete access. Many website design companies hold your website as a virtual hostage by keeping registrations and access confidential. You own everything when you contract with us.


  • Domain Name Registration – usually $10-50 US per year, depending on the name. )
  • Website Hosting – a minimum of an additional $60 US per year if you do not already have a host
  • Training is available separately at $10 (US) an hour if you wish to learn how to maintain the website yourself.


SIMPLE WEBSITE MAINTENANCE ( of a website we have designed )

  • $100 (US) a year if paid in advance. INCLUDES:
  • Up to 4 uploads (photos or editing) or minor changes a week. More active websites are charged accordingly. A 50% discount on major modifications or additions to your website is included if you are on this yearly contract.
  • Regular Monitoring of the Website.
  • Backup of website as needed.
  • Timely installation of necessary Software Upgrades.

COMPLEX WEBSITE MAINTENANCE ( of a website we have designed )

  • Prices are determined on an individual contract basis. This service is for websites that require frequent changes. We charge by estimated hours per week required. EMAIL for a free quote.
  • A 50% discount on major modifications or additions to your website is included if you are on this yearly contract.
  • Regular Monitoring of the Website.
  • Backup of website as needed.
  • Timely installation of necessary Software Upgrades.

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE( of a website that we have NOT designed )


  • $20 (US) an hour ( at our office ). $10 additional travel fee if at your location ( in Puerto Vallarta ).


  • For a website we design ( at the time of design ): NO additional cost beyond the original website design cost.
  • For any other website: $50 (US).

( These items may be set up to automatically renew )

  • DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION YEARLY FEE: ( approximately $10-50 US )
  • WEBSITE HOSTING YEARLY FEE: ( approximately $60 US )


  • We have experienced and professional photographers available for reasonable photo shoots of restaurants, hotels, condos, etc. A typical condo shoot is $100 US plus travel time. Email for quotes.


  • $20 us per hour. English only at this time. We can recommend independent Spanish translators and copy writers.