SEO = Search Engine Optimization.

search-etcSEO is the art of making your website desirable to the massive search engines that are the directories, the backbones, of the internet. Everyone wants to be #1 in their categories. Finding and stating those categories and fine-tuning your website are arts in themselves.

High ratings in search engines like Google are the result of a combination of:

  • Original, relevant content
  • Technical design excellence
  • Links to your website from similar websites
  • Traffic – how many people visit your site

Every website that we design is optimized for Search Engines. We use the latest techniques for getting your website noticed. We register each website with Google so that you can see your performance (within Google) whenever you want.

We can’t guarantee high placement in website searches because of the many variables involved that are outside of our control, but we can guarantee that we can give you high placement appropriate to the content that you offer.