Websites are low maintenance, inexpensive store fronts for selling locally or by mail. We can set up a musician’s website to sell music downloads. We can set up an artist’s website to elegantly display their studio work and services. We can set up a product reseller to accept online payment and to organize shipping.

Having run a successful internet mail-order business for 10 years, we have much more than simple computer tech skills in this area. We have the practical experience. We know how it’s done.

A complete business can be set up quickly and easily on a website with “shopping cart” software. This software is normally free but different types require differing amounts of skill to install and maintain.

Paypal integration is the simplest method of accepting money online for smaller businesses but a merchant account is preferred for larger sales volumes because the processing rates are lower than PayPal but the requirements for establishing such a merchant account are more formal and complicated.

Any method involves the person offering the service to have a bank account and a permanent address. A merchant account requires more financial information and stability than a PayPal account.

Accepting payments online is generally only practical on a small scale in the US as it is expensive to do so in Mexico.