Build a Free Website

Of course you could build a free website. Many hosting companies offer this feature as part of their sales packages. Many website design companies offer this as a come-on to hook you into their expensive, proprietary systems when you quickly discover that building websites is not as easy as is advertised.

The best of the free website offers (of the real ones) is available at (related to but not the same as the software platform that we use here at XLibre.

Limited functionality websites are truly free through this organization, BUT they are very limited and require more than a modicum of experience in website construction to use, at least in any way that is attractive and useful.

Free websites are for bloggers, not businesses, and any business that has its website constructed on a free system is, quite frankly, suspect as being inexperienced, unreliable and temporary. For blogging, these are not necessarily bad qualities but for businesses…

All of this being said, we do build and host free websites for selected non-profit organizations here in Puerto Vallarta. At this time we host the SPCA, the Puerto Vallarta Carnaval/Mardi Gras and the Vallarta Garden Club websites.