About Us

los-arcos250XLIbre is a husband and wife team of Graphic Artists, Photographers and Advertising / Promotion Specialists.

Our mission is to assist in the creation and maintenance of personal and commercial websites with an emphasis on high quality, effectiveness and low cost.

We offer a full range of services from teaching classes for do-it-yourself webmasters to complete website design and maintenance. We offer photographic resources from on-site shoots to studio editing.

We design ads. We design websites. Our training and background are primarily in the graphic arts.

We sell ads and manage advertising campaigns on popular Puerto Vallarta websites. We also advise and design social media promotions using available open resources like Facebook and Twitter.

Our rates are very competitive and our service is fast and reliable.

All of our website hosting is outsourced to major hosting companies in the United States. If we can’t accommodate a technical or graphic request, we will inexpensively outsource it to local artists and technicians.


Rick Hepting has published several monthly magazines (none which have been described as ‘orthodox’) as well as a quite ‘normal’ weekly newspaper in Oakland, California. He has worked as a journalist and ad copy writer for small newspapers in Santa Cruz, Oakland, San Francisco and Mendocino, California.

He has also owned and operated Berkeley Type, a commercial advertising Typesetting & Design Studio in Berkeley, California for 10 years. He is an interntional citizen, living in both California, USA and in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Sarah Hepting is a graphic artist and commercial photographer. She is a master of PhotoShop and of digital photography.


Open by appointment or by chance.

  • EMAIL: ojorojo@xlibre.com
  • TEL (San Francisco, US): 415 685 5920
  • TEL (Puerto Vallarta, MX): 322 222 5219